Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aromatherapy for Bronchitis

Winter will be over soon, but sudden changes in weather often bring colds, coughs and bronchitis. Here's an easy aromatherapy recipe for tickling coughs and bronchitis:
  • 2 drops Cinnamon
  • 2 drops Nutmeg
  • 12 drops Ginger
  • 10 drops Eucalyptus
Diffuse or spray this mixture into the air in your bedroom. Or add a few drops to a hanky and inhale frequently throughout the day. If you want to make a massage oil blend I would add this recipe to at least 4 ounces of pure vegetable or massage oil.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Basil Essential Oil - The Perfect Brain Blaster

Like many people I know, I think I have developed a wicked case of what I call "internet ADD." I can't seem to focus on anything for more than a second or two, and this occurs especially when I am in front of the computer, with e-mails and too many open windows in Firefox constantly tempting my brain away from the tasks at hand.

Has anyone ever gone to the computer, sat down to do something specific, and then drifted off into cyberspace only to realize that, an hour later, you're still there at the screen and never did what you originally sat there to do? That's the story of my life these days.

Aromatherapy to the rescue! I find that sniffing essential oil of Basil really clears out my head and helps me keep my focus. Basil has a very strong scent that penetrates any kind of brain fog. It is one of the more powerful scents; it is also an antiviral, so you can inhale it to combat a cold or flu, or diffuse it to clear out bad air from a room.

It is an antispasmodic and helps relieve muscle tension, so it can be used in massage oil if highly diluted to avoid skin irritation. You can also use it as a chest rub when you feel a cold or cough coming on. If you use it in massage oils I strongly recommend diluting it about 1 drop per every 15-20 drops of massage oil, as it can irritate sensitive skin.

If you are thinking of cooking with basil oil, better to use the leaves. I once added three drops of 100% therapeutic grade basil oil to a large vat of soup, and when I tasted it all I could taste in my mouth was basil ... for the next three days. Oil of basil is highly concentrated, and it's easy to underestimate its power. Use the oil for therapeutic purposes, or for aromatherapy, and use only basil leaves for cooking.

I actually managed to write this blog uninterrupted, from start to finish, thanks to my bottle of basil oil -- which I keep at my computer all the time. Otherwise I'd be here online, drifting off somewhere in ADD cyberspace and you'd never hear from me. Some aromatherapy oils really are "essential!"

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

The chill of winter is upon us! I've been hearing a lot of coughing and sniffling lately and I'm thinking, this should be holiday season, not flu and cold season.

So here are some of my favorite aromatherapy recipes to ward off those annoying start-of-winter sore throats and colds.

Add a drop of peppermint oil and a drop of eucalyptus oil to your tissue or handkerchief. Sniff it frequently. You can substitute a drop of lemon in place of either oil.

Diffuse these oils in your bedroom or some part of your home where you spend time, like the living room or rec room. These oils kill airborne germs as well as the annoying little viruses that cause colds. If you don't have a diffuser, put some drops of the oils on a dish on your night table so you can inhale them while sleeping. Or saturate a paper towel with them and attach it to your night table or bedpost. Be creative. These oils will do a good job of keeping the cold bugs at bay!

More on colds, coughs etc. to come soon! But if you can't wait ;-) visit my website:

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Don't forget to share your own special essential oil recipes with us.